This Doctor Makes House Calls.

We now offer a FREE pickup & delivery service for Guitar & Bass Collectors, Players & Enthusiasts!
If you have a large collection that you'd like to have serviced, we'll pickup up to 15 at a time,
set them up in our shop where we have full access to all of our tools and equipment
(no, not on your kitchen table!) and return them to you.
Upon return, We'll have tools on hand to make minor adjustments as you
play each one in the comfort of your home or studio. 
We find even with basic setups, sometimes there is extra work
needed to make the guitar play its finest.
This is best performed at the shop, where we are not under time constraints or distractions.
There is a 6 guitar/bass minimum for FREE pickup & delivery
(up to 15 miles from Massapequa)

Call 516-524-4275 Today

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$5 day storage applies to instruments not picked up within 30 days of notice of work completed. Instruments will be considered abandoned after 60 days if current balance isn't paid in full and  isn't picked up by the owner. The instrument will then become property of The Guitar ER and sold.