Two things up front - I generally do not write reviews unless the situation was an utter disaster. Second, I acknowledge I am the prototypical pain in the ass client. I expect professionalism and perfection if i am forking over hard earned cash. Those admissions being made, Paul & GuitarER surpassed my wildest hopes and expectations in the resurrection of my aged and beaten up 6 string and 12 string acoustic guitars. I had made the mistake of using the 'name store' options throughout the years, only to be in the position of accepting 'good enough to play' results. When the guitars were just too far beyond what I could do for them, I knew it was time to try someone new. Paul did amazing work. The guitars have never played better, or sounded so much like they did so many years ago when I first got them. I just completed some personal demo work, and while the song itself sucked, the guitars sounded amazing. And they looked fabulous. As I said, I dont do reviews, but if you want miracle work done on your guitars, I emphatically recommend GuitarER. You will not be disappointed. Professional perfection.

Michael E.

Massapequa, NY

The guitar is fantastic. The instrument I brought in to you has been transformed into the guitar I wanted it to be. It feels and sounds completely different thanks to you. The action is deluxe and something has changed in its sound. Before it sounded just ok and now it has a voice. Many many thanks for your expert work. I will send you some pictures tonight of my other problem children, the National we discussed and the cracked surface of the Hummingbird. 


I am deeply thrilled with how the Telecaster turned out. 


Once again  thank you for putting this project together. You are amazing!

Carl R.

Bethpage, NY

Hi Paul- just wanted to say thanks again for the "on the spot" service today on my guitar. The frets feel great and the neck is better too.  Big improvement. I was very impressed with your neat and organized shop and the way you go about your work, kind of like a doctor. Hey- wait a minute..... I'll definitely be back next time I need something done.

Mike M.

Massapequa, NY

Terrific job on my 1968 335!  Action is perfect and the neck is as smooth as silk. As you know, I have had the 335 since it was new and it plays better than it ever has before! I am so pleased to have found a guitar tech that is honest, has reasonable prices and knows his instruments; you have a customer for life! I also appreciated the quick turn around and the professional care you extended!

Barry R.

East Meadown, NY

Here's my endorsement: i showed up on Saturday afternoon with a n abused bottom of the line Fender Acoustic and a 74 Guild S-90 that was taken apart and stripped 18 years ago and that I just refinished and tried to piece back together. he told me not to get my hopes too high, the Fender may never play very nicely, and the neck on the Guild might be DOA, but he'd let me know by Wed what he'd found. On Monday (less than two days later) morning he let me know that he was done with both and that it was going to be substantially less than original estimate. Both play BEAUTIFULLY now. I have never had such a good setup done, the polished frets play like butter, i am SO happy with the work he's done. In my line of work, there's a Venn Diagram people like to show of where you can get either speed, quality, or low prices, but never all three. Paul does not live in that diagram.

Hugo F.

Long Island, NY

Anybody looking for an amazing guitar tech, that A) is honest,  B) knows his stuff  C) is very reasonable, reliable and will not rip you off and D) experienced with high end guitars but is not a snob about working on your favorite player, get in touch with Paul ...I even recommend talking to him if you are out of New York, he's that good!

Phil A.

Long Island, NY

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