Expert Repairs & Set Ups 
Serving All of The Treasure Coast and Florida

  • 1. Clean, check and test electronics and internals

  • 2. Tighten tuning keys, input jack and screws

  • 3. Determine if there are high frets 

  • 4. Adjust neck so it is as straight as possible

  • 5. Lubricate Nut

  • 6. Clean and/or Oil Fret Board 

  • 7. Replace Strings 

  • 8. Set Action to desired height, tune guitar and set intonation with Petersen Strobe Tuner

  • 9. Set bridge radius to radius of fret board if needed 

  • 10. Set Pickup height 

  • 11. Adjust bridge and whammy bar (electric) / File and lower bridge (acoustic)

  • 12. Check Bracing (acoustic)

  • 13. Clean and polish guitar

  • 14. Tighten Strap buttons

7 STRING GUITAR Set Up...$75 

5 STRING BASS  Set Up...$79

6 STRING BASS Set Up...$89

12 STRING Set Up....$80

MANDOLIN Set Up...$85

UKULELE Set Up...$55 


Locking Tremolo add $20

BIGSBY Tremolo add $5

D'Addario & Ernie Ball Slinky Strings Add'l

$69 SETUP For

6 String Guitars

or 4 String Basses Include:




Full Fret Polishing ONLY

$10 with Every Set up!

Do you have a really special new or vintage guitar (or bass)? Or maybe a last minute gig? Don't leave it with someone who will take 2 weeks to get to it, then throw it on a dirty workbench! I will work on it WHILE YOU WAIT AND WATCH. 

We'll set aside about an hour of time and give it The Express Set Up which includes 
everything listed above plus FREE FRET POLISHING.

You'll play it, and I'll adjust it further if needed to your taste. NOBODY else can give you this level of service. This may be just right for your special guitar.

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$5 day storage applies to instruments not picked up within 30 days of notice of work completed. Instruments will be considered abandoned after 60 days if current balance isn't paid in full and  isn't picked up by the owner. The instrument will then become property of The Guitar ER and sold.