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Set Ups and Maintenance
For Beginners to Pros!

The Best Playing Guitars & Basses Start Here!



15 Point Platinum Setup

6 String Electric or

Acoustic Guitars

or 4 String Basses



  • 1. Clean, check and test electronics and internals

  • 2. Tighten tuning keys, input jack and screws

  • 3. Determine if there are high frets 

  • 4. Adjust neck so it is as straight as possible

  • 5. Lubricate Nut

  • 6. Clean and/or Oil Fret Board 

  • 7. Replace Strings 

  • 8. Set Action to desired height, tune guitar and set intonation with Petersen Strobe Tuner

  • 9. Set bridge radius to radius of fret board if needed 

  • 10. Set Pickup height 

  • 11. Adjust bridge and whammy bar (electric)

  • 12 File and lower bridge (acoustic)

  • 13. Check Bracing (acoustic)

  • 14. Clean and polish guitar

  • 15. Tighten Strap buttons

7 STRING GUITAR Set Up...$75 

5 STRING BASS  Set Up...$75

6 STRING BASS Set Up...$80

12 STRING Set Up....$80

MANDOLIN Set Up...$75

UKULELE Set Up...$55 


Locking Tremolo add $20

BIGSBY Tremolo add $5

D'Addario & Ernie Ball Slinky Strings Add'l

Spanish Guitar





Fret Micro-Polishing ONLY

$10 with Any Set Up! 

Live too far away to drop off and then drive back another day to pick up? If all you need is a set up we can do it while you wait and save you a return trip.  Also great if you live here in town and just want it the same day. Great for your expensive guitar or bass, or last minute gigs when you want your instrument to play its absolute best!

We'll set aside about an hour of time and give it The Express Set Up which includes 
everything listed above plus
you'll play it, and I'll adjust it further if needed to your taste. NOBODY else can give you this level of service. This may be just right for your special guitar. $99

While You Wait Set-Up

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